Electro Mechanical Cleaning

Electro Mechanical Cleaning Services in London.

Here at Speedy Jet Drainage we provide a service called Electro Mechanical Cleaning. This uses flexible steel cables fitted with blades and cutters which allows the ability to cut quickly through debris and hardened deposits such as grease, lime scale and root infestation. What this does is allow us to rapidly achieve drain unclogging while preserving the architecture of the plumbing.

This is especially popular when unblocking the drains of narrow pipes such as sinks. The reason to use this method of drainage is that it is a quick and clean way & is designed for this kind of plumbing. We know that having a blocked sink or urinal in your property can be alarming but we can ensure this method is best for you in this situation.

Electro Mechanical Cleaning Benefits

Our electro mechanical cleaning service is ideal for removing blockages and scale deposits from smaller pipes or drains. We often use it in situations where high pressure jetting would be unsuitable and it is excellent for clearing harder deposits such as concrete residue or scale.

Our fully portable machines use flexible steel cables with a cutter or other tool at the end to cut through any blockage. The cable is fed through the pipe and a motor drives the cutter to allow it to slice through any obstructions. As well as removing any blockages, this method also removes any hardened deposits and returns the pipe to full bore.

We recommend our customers use electro mechanical cleaning if they have blocked urinals, sinks or toilets. The flexible steel cable is able to pass round many bends so our engineers can deal with even the most inaccessible blockage.

Please feel free to contact the office today if you need our help or advice with any drainage problems. If you would like some more information on our Electro Mechanical Cleaning or any other drainage services then please contact us on 0800 731 1556 and we will use all of the knowledge we have to give you the answer you want!

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