How to Fix your Drain

A slightly unnerving statistic is that according to MP David Davis, there is approximately one CCTV camera to every fourteen people in the London area. This amounts to a grand total of 422,000! CCTV helps combat some of London’s biggest problems, as it is useful for reducing crime and prosecuting offenders, as well as monitoring traffic congestion and accidents. CCTV also plays a big part in one of London’s other problems, drainage. There are constantly problems with blocked drains London wide, with natural blockages, tree roots and build ups of litter.

Every drainage problem is different and it is only by diagnosing the cause of the problem that the blockage can be dealt with time and cost effectively, as well as comprehensively enough to prevent the problem from reoccurring.We have used state of the art CCTV technology for years now, as an efficient way of identifying the causes of blockages, as well as checking for potential future problems such as damaged pipes and drains.

By finding out the kind of blockage you have, we can use the best tool for the job; whether that be one of our high pressure water jets, or mechanical equipment such as blades and cutters attached to flexible steel cables. Using the correct equipment for our Drain Unblocking service in London also means there is little risk of causing any further damage.

CCTV is less invasive and messy then digging up drains, and as it is more time efficient, it is more cost effective. If you have a problem with blocked drains in London, or you would just like your system checked for possible future problems, give us a call for a competitive quote from trained drainage professionals.