Signs To Look Out For When Your Drains Are Damaged

drains damaged

Damaged drains and how to spot them

Damaged drains can be a major source of worry and disruption and can cost you large amounts of money. There are also possible health risks, with the danger of bacteria building up and being transmitted. That is why it is vital to deal with any issues as soon as you become aware of them. But how does one know when such a problem has arisen? The guide below should help give you some indicators as to when it’s time to bring in the experts for professional drainage services.

Poor drainage and/or sewage backing up

The first warning of damage is very often a sudden decline in the capabilities of your drains. Slow drainage may indicate a blockage but it can also be indicative of a collapsed pipe. Likewise, sewage backing up may also be a warning sign.


Odours coming from your drains may also be an early symptom of a pipe that has become damaged. You may detect the smell of sewage, outdoors, near the drain, or you may notice it inside the property itself. If this continues, even after action has been taken to clean the pipe, it may be a symptom of structural damage to the drain.

Damp and mould

Drainpipe damage may inhibit the movement of water so badly that it starts to flow into the terrain around the pipe itself. If the drain has collapsed beneath your home, this may lead to signs of damp and mould on the floor or walls of the property, which means it’s best never to ignore such a signal.

Cracks, subsidence and structural damage

In cases where the damaged pipe lies beneath a building’s structural points, it’s possible for cracks to appear in the building itself, for instance, across the floors or in the walls. This is only likely to happen if a collapsed drain has been left not dealt with for a substantial spell, and it will be costly to deal with. Should your drain lie beneath concrete – for instance, a driveway or garage floor – you may find cracks in the concrete. Make sure that you have properly looked into the problem before choosing to simply repair the cracks themselves. If the underlying problem with the drains is not tackled, the cracks will, with time, simply reappear. Furthermore, a collapsed pipe can make the ground surrounding it begin to sink or subside. Such an occurrence indicates that the pipe may have been damaged for quite a while. An extra green and lush patch of grass may also be a warning, since leaking sewage may act as a fertiliser.

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