Six Strange Things Seen in Drains

A selection of strange things that have been seen in drains

Clear drains image by Urbazon (via Shutterstock).
Clean drains are next to godliness. One with a fatberg or a can of lager is the spawn of Satan. Image by Urbazon (via Shutterstock).

In a previous post, we looked at fatbergs. This was in relation to how they blocked our sewers. We said how it was a big problem in our part of the world. Shortly after our piece, we found out about the unusual things that have been seen in drains. This time, the Northumberland Gazette’s latest article has inspired our post.

Here’s a look at the six strangest things to have been seen in our drains.

1. A full size shower curtain

Whoever flushed a shower curtain down the toilet must have one hell of a lavatory. The full size shower curtain was flushed down the drains in Jesmond.

2. A set of false teeth

Among the odd stuff you see in sewers, false teeth crops up now and again. In Stanley, a full set of dentures were seen in the sewers. Needless to say, the owner didn’t ask for their return (then again, the toilet is for pee, poo, and paper: chew doesn’t fall into the equation).

3. A grenade (or two)

Believe it or not, two grenades were found in Greater Manchester’s sewers. A plastic one was found in Stockport and it turned out to be a toy. In Oldham, a real one was found, but there was no pin.

4. A full can of Fosters

Why? Why would you want to clog our drains with a full can of beer? Well, someone in South Tyneside, according to the Northumberland Gazette’s article flushed a full can of Fosters down the toilet.

5. A bra

In Teesside, a woman’s bra was flushed down the pan and it caused no end of disruption. It led to the sewer’s collapse.

6. A set of false teeth

Another bete noire of the drain inspector is the spoils of our love making activities. Time and time again, used condoms have been flushed down various toilets from Albania to Zimbabwe. They are known as Johhnybergs, due to their propensity to block sewers like fatbergs have done.

Speedy Jet Drainage, 17 May 2017.