Blocked Drains Bromley

Breathtaking Drain Cleaning Services in Bromley by Speedy Jet Drainage

Blocked drains Bromley issues are common in many households around the town. This is because many people flush down fatty or greasy substances on the sink. These fats will pile up to a point where no liquid can pass the drain. Thus, it is important to have a high-end company such as Speedy Jet Drainage to unblock and clean your drainage system that you do not experience such a problem again. The company provides high-quality services throughout Bromley. Other issues can also lead to the blocking of a drain, and they include:

Leaves and Roots from Trees

After spring and autumn, leaves and roots are usually all over the garden. If they are not cleaned earlier and it rains, they will be deposited in the drains. This will block the drainage system, and thus no water from the house will be allowed to pass through the drains. At Speedy Jet Drainage, we have high-quality tools to remove all the dirt and debris from your drains leaving it clean. Many clients appreciate our drain cleaning Bromley services. We have electro-mechanical cleaning where one can order for regular drain cleaning Bromley services.


Many cases have been reported where people flush down toiletries with the common ones being baby wipes and nappies. Once they pass the bowl of the toilet or laundry sink, they will absorb water and then enlarge. This, in turn, will lead to the blockage of drains and pipes. If this happens by mistake a household, and we are informed, we will arrive on time and remove the toiletries with ease.

Poor Pipe Installation

Our blocked drains Bromley services include also solving blockage issues that arise from poor pipe installation. If a pipe is not installed in the right manner, it will cause incorrect water flow which will cause the drains to block. We offer this service at affordable prices. We will ensure that the pipe has been installed in the right way and any dirt around the drain will be cleaned.

Heavy Rains and Storms

Drains are not designed to pass a heavy amount of water at a go. Therefore, the water from heavy rains and storms will cause water build-up which will block the pipes and the drains. We ensure that the rainwater has flown and there is no blockage in the drains when dealing with this case. Speedy Jet Drainage works 24/7, and thus you can contact us at any time.

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