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Look no further for drain cleaning in London than right here at Speedy Jet Drainage! If you are seeking a reputable, established drainage company in London then you’ve arrived at the right place! Here, at Speedy Jet Drainage, we are experts when it comes to providing drain unblocking services throughout the London area.

The city of London is famous for being the capital of England and the home of Big Ben & Buckingham Palace but it also hosts a range of drainage companies.

There were times in the old days when drainage consisted of people throwing their waste out of a bucket from the top floor to the street below. Rivulets of this waste managed to drain away down the streets by way of gravity as there were no concrete roads with sewage grids in the 1800s.

The closest thing to a sewage system in London was the River Thames, and if you think the Thames is mucky now then don’t let us explain what we mean by “Waste” which was poured directly into it.

Thankfully the sewage system has improved exponentially since then allowing for proper drainage in the capital to be implemented. There’s no more having to jump out the way of someone emptying their chamber pots out of their front door.
Unfortunately, the implementation of the London sewage system and the installation of drains, grids and pipes have thrown up new problems.

Drainage Specialist in London

Being a drainage specialist in London does present a few challenges to overcome. There are almost 100 miles of Sewers underneath London and as you can imagine, that’s a lot of maintenance. And that is without the potential problems the sewers encounter with potential blockages and damage to the pipes naturally.
Potential blockages include fatty build ups. When liquid hot fat is poured down the drain and then cools, solidifies and collects, building up toe eventually cause a blockage. That’s just one cause of blockages that occur with drainage problems in London. It can spark into action a whole series of events that now provide Speedy Jet Drainage with a thriving business.

CCTV Drainage Survey London

Each blocked drain in London can require a different type of drain unblocking service from us. Mainly due to the different problems that different blockages throw up.
There’s even the case where we don’t know what might be causing a blockage so will have to investigate using our CCTV drainage survey service. What we do is to put a very small camera into the drain which then feeds back images of what’s causing the blockage so we can identify what needs doing to remove it.

So if ever your drains are backing up then get in touch and we can help with your drainage London.

And don’t forget, we have the fastest response times in the M25 area. We’re not called Speedy Jet for nothing.

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