Mission Statement

The Speediest Way To Solve Your Blocked Drain Cleaning Emergency

Alongside our blocked drain cleaning equipment, we here at Speedy Jet Drainage, bring along peace of mind to our worried and fraught customers whose drains, sinks and toilets have become blocked or unusable.

When Things Go Wrong

Until they go wrong, the drains in your home tend to receive very little attention, but when they get blocked, things can go very wrong, very quickly, and that is when we receive calls from highly concerned, stressed out homeowners needing support – and fast!

We pride ourselves on being able to come to the rescue, no matter the issue, and help you through a difficult time. We are there to discover the issue and resolve it in the fastest time possible so that you can get back to normality, and as such, we ensure our customers feel that they are in safe hands from the moment they call us.

As popular members of Checkatrade, we know that we are providing a great blocked drain cleaning service from start to finish, and that means a lot to us and our business.

Don’t Fret Over Finances

So many of our customers have faced financial worries when it comes to hiring a blocked drain cleaning company or a team to come and deal with their blocked drain emergency, often resulting in the problem getting worse and worse whilst they seek out the best priced company; but we at Speedy Jet Drainage want to reassure our customers that the last thing we want to do is add more worry on to an already upsetting situation. As such we have a no call out policy meaning that you pay nothing for calling us over to diagnose, which is very unusual when compared to other drain clearance and blocked drain cleaning companies, who place a price on their engineers showing up!

We know if that you have called us then you need us ASAP, and the last thing we want is added concern about costs and pricing, so we will come to you free of charge and diagnose the issue!

Keeping It Personal

Though we cover a wide range of areas including London, Kent, Essex, Sussex and Surrey, we feel like a family business and as such we take care of one another and in turn, our engineers take care of our customers, making them feel like they are in safe, professional hands. Many of our customers have previously used larger companies such as Dyno Rod, and although Dyno Rod offers a wider area range, we believe that we can offer a more personalised service with customers who use us for different services time and time again.

We’ve Seen It All

We constantly hear the problems our customers have experienced from using inexperienced companies and self employed plumbers, and we like to offer the peace of mind to everyone we help that not only do we have the speediest reaction time in the area, meaning we will be with you within the hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we are also the most thorough.

Our vans come complete with equipment for CCTV drain surveys so even if our teams cannot see the problem right away, they are highly trained to use sensitive, high-tech equipment which will discover the issue in no time and get it sorted for you.

Whatever You Need, We Will Speed To The rescue

Whether you need regular drain maintenance to prevent future blockages, one-off blocked drain cleaning, the removal of blockages from external sources such as tree roots and leaves, or you require emergency investigative work to stop major issues, we can support you and your drains in getting back to normal, with no fuss and no mess, and prices starting from only £20!

We Keep Our Customers Flowing