In Video: A Selection of Drainage Clips

Video footage of drainage systems in action

Drainage clips image by MT Manta (via Shutterstock).
Whole Lotta Drainage going on: a sewerage operative. Image by MT Manta (via Shutterstock).

Some of London’s greatest architectural wonders are almost invisible to the human eye. They are as much a London icon as the Underground and Trafalgar Square. It is the city’s Victorian sewers designed by Joseph Bazalgette. The sewers were built to rid the city of cholera epidemics, as the River Thames was used as an open sewer. As a tribute to Bazalgette’s ingenuity, we have a selection of drainage clips for your delight.

1. London Sewer Cam Soho + RAT

It is fitting that our first drainage clip should be a survey of Bazalgette’s creation, underneath Soho Square. As well as eliminating cholera, his sewers also eliminated typhoid. His reason for building such cavernous sewers? To allow for the capital’s tall buildings. They still serve our city very well.

2. 15 Freakiest Things Found in the Sewers

Not so much a survey of sewers but more a cheap and cheerful video of the most unusual things seen in sewers. After watching this, you will find that rats in sewers are the least of your worries.

3. Fatberg in London

This clip, courtesy of BBC’s Inside Out, looks at the problem of fatbergs in London. Throughout cities and urban areas like ours, fatbergs are caused by the flushing of oils and fats from takeaways and restaurants.

4. Brighton’s Magnificent Sewers

We go to the seaside for this drainage clip in this video featuring Caroline Lucas (the Brighton Pavilion Green Party MP). With Brighton a bustling town in the Victorian era, it needed a comprehensive sewerage system. Southern Water have conducted tours along a 366 metre section. They have inspired musicians and filmmakers.

Speedy Jet Drainage, 21 July 2017.