Floating Drones for Drains

How Anglian Water’s Draincare partnership will be using floating drones for Grimsby’s sewers

Floating drones image by NH (via Shutterstock).
“I don’t care whose it is, It’s floating!” In this case we should. What is there not to like about the use of floating drones to inspect our sewers? Apart from an innovative way of identifying problems, fewer road closures and temporary traffic lights are priceless. Image by NH (via Shutterstock).

Ever been annoyed each time you see a set of temporary traffic lights? On some occasions they could be working on the drains. This job usually requires a degree of manpower and inspecting the sewers could be an arduous and smelly one. In Grimsby, Anglian Water’s Draincare have got a marvellous plan up their sleeve: floating drones.

The floating drones will be the first of their kind in the UK. They will be floated down the pipes, and each one will come equipped with sonar, laser, and high definition CCTV systems. These will be used to access the trunk sewers in Pyewipe, close to the docks in Grimsby and Immingham, plus Grimsby and Cleethorpes town centres.

Once the data is gathered from the floating drones, there will be 3D models of the town’s sewers. Plus detailed analysis to ensure the system flows smoothly in future years. Whilst work is under way, there will be no disruption to road traffic whatsoever. As the drones are flushed down the pipes, there will be no need for temporary traffic lights. Nor will there be road closures. A good thing we think.

Speedy Jet Drainage, 24 February 2017.